Axtell Rite Value Pharmacy

Tom and Gina Axtell
Tom and Gina Axtell are owners of Axtell Rite-Value Pharmacy, a family owned and operated pharmacy in Whitesboro, TX. Having grown up in an independently owned pharmacy, Tom has seen many changes over the past thirty years. Tom graduated from Pharmacy School in 1996 from Texas Southern University. While going to school he worked for a company called P.C.C.A. During that time he was able to see how compounding could positively affect the community by customizing medications for the patient and caregiver.

Throughout his pharmacy career, Tom has worked with veterinarians to provide effective compounded medications that are well accepted by the horse and convenient for the caregiver to adminster. Tom oversees a support team with extensive equine experience and strives to stay abreast of current veterinary standards and protocols. To that end, he has partnered with veterinarians and equine breeders to provide the latest in compounded breeding medications, like injectable Altrenogest, which are backed by data collected at notable research facilities and participating breeding farms.